Takashi Katayama

Japanese artist
Since 2002, I have been producing digital art, mixed media, and oil paintings. He has had several solo exhibitions and awards. I do a lot of abstract and surrealist works.
My work is a vague image without a conscious message. Therefore, it has no direct relation to the title. But maybe there is a hidden message there.
※All works are linked to the virtual currency wallet address by Photoshop’s “Content Authenticity Initiative”.

2002年から、デジタル アート、ジークレー、ミクスト メディア、油絵を制作しています。 個展を横浜や長崎にて多数回開催。 作品は心象を抽象的に表現。以前はシュルレアリスム的な作品を多く描いていました。2010年より体調崩して作品制作を中断していましたが、2020年から作品制作を再開。最近は、表現方法にこだわらず、心揺さぶられる作品を目指して模索している日々です。2021年より、今後のデジタルによるアートの変革を期待しつつ、今はデジタル作品に力を注いでいます。

From 2010 to 2020, the production of works is temporarily suspended.
August 2007 No War YOKOHAMA Exhibition
July 2007 MOCA.VIRTUAL.MUSEUM〔MOCA the Museum of Computer Art〕
August 2006 No War YOKOHAMA Exhibition
August 2006〔nagasaki gallery arrange〕8th Exhibition
May 2006〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕7th Exhibition
January 2006 ZATUART21 YOKOHAMA2006
January 2006 〔Kan Gallery〕 Selection
April 2005〔nagasaki gallery arrange〕5th Exhibition
April 2005〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕4th Exhibition
December 2004 〔Kan Gallery〕 Christmas Exhibition
November 2004 12th Internet international art contest awarded-B
October 2004 ZATU-ART21 nagasak2004
July 2004 〔nagasaki gallery arrange〕4th Exhibition
June 2004 11th Internet international art contest awarded-A
June 2004 〔Kan Gallery〕 Abstract Exhibition
May 2004 〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕3th Exhibition
January 2004 〔Nagasaki Daimaru〕 valentine Exhibition
January 2004 〔Nagasaki ima〕 Exhibition
January 2004 ZATUART21 YOKOHAMA Exhibition
November 2003 〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕UNCHI 2th Exhibition
November 2003 10th Internet international art contest awarded-A
May 2003 〔Nagasaki Moon  gallery Exhibition 2th Exhibition
May 2003 9th Internet international art contest awarded-A
April 2003〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕1th Exhibition
December 2002〔yokohama  gallery MABUI〕UNCHI 1th Exhibition
November 2002 8th Internet international art contest awarded-B
May 2002 ZATUART21 NAGASAKI Exhibition